How I mastered Decluttering On A Budget and without Stress

Make your own Decluttering plan

Why should you prepare a decluttering plan?

I’ll tell you.

There’s a reason why decluttering is such a big topic.

You can’t fail to have seen decluttering content on the internet and social media.

It’s everywhere.

And there are so many people telling you that decluttering and getting your home and life organised with heap rewards on you.

It won’t.

And everyone has a view on how to do it and how you should store your belongings once you’ve decluttered.

If you want a planner just look online.

Want to buy an ebook, just look online where people are queuing up to sell you one.

Reasons to try decluttering for yourself

Decluttering won’t make you irresistible to others.

It won’t get you that promotion at work.

And it won’t make you rich.

It will get you tidy and organised and you’ll know what you own and where it is.

I’ll take that.

The benefits of decluttering and getting organised

benefits of decluttering

12 Benefits of decluttering

1 It’s energising

Getting to grips with tidying, decluttering and organising your living and working spaces puts you in a ‘can-do’ frame of mind. That helps with your feelings of taking back control over your life.

2 Reduces stress

Being organised helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress as your environment helps you feel more relaxed and in control.

3 Physical activity

You’ll be physically active. You’ll be moving about and all physical activity is good.

4 Chance To Multi-Task

While you’re doing your decluttering you can take the opportunity to listen to your favourite music, that audiobook you’ve been saving or a favourite podcast.

Make the process even more enjoyable by combining what you may initially think of as a chore with something you really enjoy.

5 Reduces feelings of frustration

Frustration comes from being surrounded by clutter. When you can’t find the item you know is in there somewhere can be so annoying. And it costs you time when you have to search through piles of stuff to get to that one thing you want.

6 Find Forgotten Treasures

There’s nothing more satisfying and just truly lovely as finding some treasured item you thought was lost forever.

For me, that was my Dad’s cap. When my Dad died I chose his flat cap from his possessions to keep. I had almost forgotten it. Then there it was at the back of a drawer in the spare bedroom. I was overwhelmed by the memories of the laughter and love we shared. Pure magic.

7 Free Up Space

Frees up space. Speaks for itself really. As you sort, filter and store the things you want to keep you find you have so much space to breath. If minimalist living is your dream, this is a key benefit for you.

8 Helps Others

Your decluttering will end with a pile of things that you don’t want to keep but that will be useful for others. Donating to a charity or reselling helps others, puts a little money into the charities coppers or your pocket, and reduces landfill that helps us all.

9 Develops Better Eating Habits

Helps develop better eating habits.

You might think that sounds a little random but think about it for a moment. With an organised pantry and/or food storage cupboards you’ll know exactly what ingredients you have and you can seek recipes that include them. That helps you to plan your weekly or monthly menus in advance, and that saves money and helps you develop a varied diet.

10 It’s A Time Saver

Decluttering and organising your space saves time.

After the initial investment in time to declutter and organise your living space, you’ll save so much time. No more searching through piles or rails of disorganised clothes to put together an outfit. No more shopping for things you already have. Tidying and cleaning your home will be quicker. It’s all good.

11 Develops Good Habits

Once you’ve decluttered and begun to enjoy the benefits of your efforts you’ll want to keep it that way. Developing your decluttering habit also means changing your ways and not reverting to the kind of person who leaves shoes by the door and throws your coat in the corner.

This could be the start of a bad habits overhaul!

12 You’ll Start To Feel Smug

organised feeling, feeling good

There’s nothing wrong with feeling smug about coming home to a tidy and organised home.

No more feelings of dread about the way your home looks. You can relax and enjoy your home.

You should feel smug about that. Great job.

Here’s how you get started

Pick a room or cupboard/closet that every time you go near it you feel a sense of dread.

OK. OK! So a sense of dread about a space in your home could be overdoing it a little, but you get what I mean.

For me it was the pantry. And my wardrobes. And my office desk.

Back to the pantry.

‘Pantry’. That’s such a lovely, organised sounding word.

It fills you a vision of an old farmhouse kitchen loaded with good food and essential store-cupboard items.

In reality my pantry was a dumping space.

Everything from the ironing board, vacuum cleaner, waterproof coats, walking boots all thrown on the floor or hanging on overloaded coat hooks.

There were indeed some handy selves to the back of the pantry holding dog food, cans and long-forgotten store cupboard essentials.

What exactly was on those shelves was anyone’s guess. Because I couldn’t get near the shelves for the stuff on the floor.

You get the picture

As I write this, we’re in Covid-19 lockdown week 4.

Just before we went into lockdown it became impossible to shop due to the sheer number of people in panic mode, bulk buying everything.

Thinking it might be helpful to make a note of the food and paper products we already had, the pantry declutter beckoned.

No way was I going to add to the problem of empty supermarkets shelves and maxed out credit card just because I didn’t know what we needed.

No putting it off any longer.

decluttering, declutter to feel organised

And guess what.

Decluttering is enjoyable

I’m not losing my mind due to the effects of lockdown. Honestly.

Once the process of taking everything out of the pantry, sorting it into piles of stuff to keep and stuff to get rid of has been finished. The feeling of being frustrated with that space starts to lift.

Just by clearing out everything that’s stopping you seeing how much space you have, will help you to focus your mind on how to store things.

Choosing storage is really quite enjoyable in itself. There are hundreds of clever boxes and baskets and other such things.

I found a whole new world of storage heaven! Who knew?

There are great storage ideas on line and by far and away the best place to start your search is with Ikea and Amazon.

Type ‘storage ideas’ into a search engine and Ikea will come out at or near the top of your search results.

And with good reason.

Ikea have hundreds of products to help with storage of everything from shoes to cans. And at great price points too.

And Amazon will deliver right to your door, the very next day in many cases. That makes it even easier to keep up the momentum while you have decluttering at the top of your to-do list.

Your Decluttering and organising starter pack

I’ve prepared your free downloadable guide to The 5 Principles of Decluttering and having an organised life.

It’s full of ideas for getting started and staying on track.

Print it off or keep it on your tablet or smartphone as a reference point.

principles of decluttering

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