How Being Organised Will Give Huge Benefits & Reduce Stress

Decluttering & Getting Organised can create space in your brain not just your home

Decluttering and being organised is a big thing right now.

Seeing videos on YouTube of people folding clothes and putting them into the tidiest most organised closets and drawer chests you’ve ever seen, does it make you want to throw something at the screen?

Or do you feel slightly envious of their life lived without clutter and with such order?

Why do people go to so much trouble with putting clothes into a dresser drawer?

You may think that life’s too short to fold a t-shirt.

I think you’re wrong.

I crave having an organised home

There I’ve said it. I’m outed as an unfulfilled organising/decluttering personality type.

I’m a closet organiser. Literally.

I watch people folding clothes on YouTube or using empty plastic containers to store other plastic containers in super organised kitchen cupboards.

I dream of having a home that’s free of clutter and so organised that I can’t help but feel smug. And I’m going to have one of those organised homes. Soon.

I’ve come to the organisation craze a little late in the day.

My home storage may have been getting out of control. But no more.

For some time I have lived with clutter. Clutter that’s piled into cupboards.

Out of sight out of mind.

If that clutter really is out of mind then it wouldn’t have left me feeling stressed about it and feeling like it’s getting out of control.

I am getting stressed, because I’m not at peace with the mess I’ve allowed to take over.

I’m letting the organisation side of my personality down.

My Clothes Are Taking Over the Spare Room

There are benefits to having an organised home or people wouldn’t be so fascinated by the subject. My research supports that view.

You’ll find this interesting.

There are Benefits to getting organised

For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned.

Benjamin Franklin

An organised home;

Reduces stress levels

Having an organised home and office can reduce feelings of stress by helping you to relax.

Take back control over the simple things, tackling one thing at a time, can bring calm to your surroundings and your mind.

For example, when you feel that an aspect of your life is out of control, even something as apparently insignificant as your closet, it can really make your feel frustrated. Think about the times you need to find that great white shirt that goes with everything and it doesn’t come easily to hand, you get frustrated, right?

That’s a great reason to get organised right there.

And remember this fact

Reducing your feelings of stress, by whatever method you choose, will help you feel happier and more relaxed.

Getting organised gets you up off your butt and moving. You don’t necessarily have to go for a run, or an hour at the gym to stay active.

Movement is good.

Any and all movement is better than sitting still for long periods of time.

Movement helps your general fitness and can help to reduce stress.

That makes getting organised one more way to get you off the sofa, and that will help your general health.

Fact. If you don’t believe me check out this article.

Being active is good for your heart. And in this instance your home.


Makes you feel good

Makes you feel good?


Stay with me here.

When you’re doing a decluttering or organising chore around the house, one you’ve put off for ages, like getting the better of the clutter under the sink, there’s a great way to combine it with something else you want to do and that makes you feel happy.


Put on some great music, put in the headphones and dance your way through it.

I’m listening to some classic Barry White as I write this. Love it.

Listen to an audiobook or podcast.

Learn another language while you work.

Whatever floats your boat and helps you get through the task at hand.

The feel-good factor alone makes it worth the effort. Even more so when you see the fruits of your labour.

Saves you time

get organised to save time, benefits of getting organised

Once you’ve got your closet and paperwork and meal planning organised you will save time.

In the long run, yes. But you will definitely save time.

Time invested now, while you get moving, get your fix of great music or get educated while you work, will repay you.

One immediate benefit is that you’re will be able to get out of the house quicker and easier in the morning as your clothes are organised and ready to go.

Returning to your after a day at work knowing your home is organised and welcoming will have major benefits to reducing stress levels.

Sounds good to me.

Leads to better eating habits

Leads to better eating habits

Think about it.

Now that you’re into this organisation groove you’ll find benefits you didn’t expect when you started the process.

You’ll soon start to apply your newly honed organisational skills to grocery shopping and meal planning, so you can eat well and save money.

No more thinking about what to feed the family when you’re running late because you’re an organisation wizard.

That’s because of you taking the time to organise your store cupboards and fridge/freezer. You know exactly what ingredients you have available and you cook and freeze the week’s meals ready to defrost, heat and serve.

By starting the week with a plan of the week’s meals, including lunch and dinner, checking what ingredients you already have and listing those you need to buy, a whole week of healthy meals are prepped or ready to be cooked.

shopping list


Being one of those people who are disciplined enough to stick to the list when you get to the store you don’t overspend on impulse buys.

Great. I wish I was more like you.

I’m an impulse shopper making a visit to the superstore more expensive than it need be.

Shopping online and paying the delivery charge is less expensive than the impulse buys. Every time.


Food Delivery Services Are Good for the Environment Too

Today we need to be more mindful of the impact our actions have on the environment. This article is really interesting as it talks about the number of cars taken off the road when people let their groceries share a ride with others on a delivery route.

meal planning to save money and reduce stress

get cooking ready for the week ahead

We’ll go into more detail on batch cooking and getting your meal plan in place for the coming week later.

For now know this, by taking some time out of your Sunday to prepare for the week’s meals will reap major benefits.

Benefits such as your sense of wellbeing and your feelings of being that bit more prepared than the people around you.

Yes. You’ll feel smug.

Bring it on.

organised feeling, feeling good

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