Design Inspiration from IKEA to kick-start your Design

IKEA for Design Inspiration

It’s totally possible to give your home that designer touch when you don’t have an interior designer budget.


Firstly, by being your own kick-ass interior designer. And looking around you for design inspiration.

A great place to start is at every budget-challenged home designers go-to store.

IKEA is a great place to start for design inspiration especially when you have a tight budget.

IKEA has some great design inspiration for decor on a budget

No one wants to have a home that looks exactly like everyone else’s, right?


Even when you have a tight budget to furnish your home you want to make sure your home reflects your personality not someone else’s. So you need so design inspiration.

Just picture this scene playing out.

You move into your new home and the ‘snagging’ person arrives to make good those final things you listed for the builder to fix.

And they say, ‘Oh! You have those units too. Ikea is great, don’t you think?’

You just know that means they’ve seen the very same units in the other homes on your street. Damn.

Make sure your home reflects your personality, not someone else’s, by kick-starting your creativity with some IKEA-personalisation and design inspiration from around the net.

Interior Design On A Budget

Firstly though and being totally honest – a visit to IKEA can be a bit of a marathon.

If you’re on a budget going through any IKEA store presents a particular challenge.

The stores are laid out to make sure you see all the lovely shiny things available and add lots of them to your basket.

It’s great for IKEA. They make everything look so damn good that you just have to have it!

Not so good when you’re putting your home together on a budget as you end up loading pans, lighting, mirrors, chairs, bowls etc. etc. into your car. Alongside a media housing unit that only just fits into the car.

You only wanted the media unit!

It doesn’t have to be that way

Interior design on a budget, ikea hacks,

Tips to Make Sure You Only Get the Things YOu Need

At the right price

Join The IKEA Family.

Being part of the IKEA family gets you benefits such as a £5 gift voucher on your birthday. Plus you’ll get email offers and an extra 10% off sales prices, and Family member discounts on food and drink in-store.

Try the Ikea Reality App

Try before you buy with IKEA’s virtual reality app on your smartphone or tablet. By choosing what you want to buy before you go, and making sure it will fit with your room scheme, will save you money and should help reduce the risk of an impulse buy.

Check Social Media Before Your Visit

To reduce temptation even further, check out social media for your local store before you go. IKEA love to have people walk through the whole store to ensure maximum temptation. By checking out the shortcuts others have found to get you from the entrance to your chosen item then checkout, you can minimise the temptation.

If You Know What You Want to buy

If you know what you want to buy you can find out exactly where the flatpack is in store before you go. Here’s how;

Go to the website for your local IKEA store, then go to the page on the website that shows the product you want to buy

Click on ‘Find it in-store’ and a side panel will open giving the aisle and location of the product you want

Then follow point 3 above to get to where you want to be – fast

Follow this link to see how it works

Check out the ‘Popular Times’ feature on Google

Queuing and IKEA seem to go together like gin and tonic. But it’s nowhere near as enjoyable. To reduce the time you spend standing in line make use of Google’s ‘popular times’ feature for your local store and avoid those times if possible.

Take your room measurements with you

And a major tip that many people forget, and it’s so simple! Take the measurements of the space you have available for your media unit or whatever. And take a tape measure. Even better, take a drawing of the space. Nothing fancy but ideally drawn to scale so you can check again without trying to see the layout in your mind.

Look Out For THe Bargain Corner

Look out for bargain corner that’s normally near the till points. These items could be there as they’re ex-display, the box has a tear in it, or there’s a minor flaw or scratch on a panel that won’t be seen when the item is built and in place. You just might pick up a real bargain.

What’s On In-store Events

And finally, if you know you’re in the market for some IKEA furniture or will be soon, then keep an eye on the website for the What’s On Instore events.

Here’s A Little Inspiration

As we agreed earlier, buying your furniture and storage cabinets from IKEA runs the risk of your home looking just like your neighbours.

No one wants that.

You’re you. An individual. You want your home to reflect your personality and be as individual as you are.

To help, here are some ideas that others have come up with.

These will hopefully inspire and show you what can be achieved on a budget and with a little imagination.

It’s time to get started with your interior design on a budget plan of action!

Firstly, remember IKEA Have Great Home Planner Tools to Help You.

And They’re Free!

Need Room Divider?

interior design on a budget, ikea hacks,
Images and hack from

I love this idea for using the STUVA storage cabinets to create a free-standing room divider AND tons of storage. An open living space can quickly look untidy if there isn’t enough storage space.

I also don’t personally like lots of open shelves that just gather dust, so the STUVA scores major points with me.

This great look was created by using 4 STUVA units together and then adding plywood and plaster to the back to make a free-standing room divider.

It also makes the finished unit more sturdy which is a good thing in a living space.

Add That Styled Look To Your Dining Room

How welcoming and cosy does this small dining room look?

This lovely and practical dining room storage solution with seating was made using the Havsta cabinet range. This look could also work in a space without a window by placing your favourite piece of artwork on the wall above the seat.


Personalise your bedroom drawers

interior design on a budget, ikea hacks,

Personalising your home is the best way to budget!

Take this great idea for taking a basic chest of drawers and making them really special.

interior design on a budget, ikea hacks,
The IKEA Tarva chest of drawers

Cover the chest of drawers in a wallpaper that matches the room.

 Paint the sides and top of the chest of drawers with furniture paint that has a chalky finish.

Next, remove the drawer handles and cut your chosen wallpaper to fit flush to the edges of each drawer front. Use a ready-mixed wallpaper paste to stick the wallpaper onto the drawers. 

The drawer unit shown has been finished off with some smart ceramic knobs.

Some Hacks Are Really So Simple

Sometimes you see something that is just so simple it looks like something you should have thought of yourself!

They are nothing short of genius and give great design interior. And here’s one of those.

The bedside lights in this picture are the kind of pendant lights you can find in most stores.

Here they have been used with the IKEA Ekby Valter bracket.

By using a standard shelf bracket and drilling holes in it to feed the cable through you have a brilliant new use for a basic wooden bracket.

Simply paint or stain the bracket to match your design. Drill the holes for the cable and you’re done!

So simple it’s genius.

There really is no end to the creativity

By putting some thought into the look you want to achieve, adding into the mix your budget and DIY skills, you too will find your creative juices start flowing.