Smart Pantry Storage to Make your Friends green with envy

Smart storage for your pantry

The pantry cries out for smart storage solutions. Whether your pantry is a store-cupboard or a room off the kitchen, I’m guessing it gets disorganised way more than any other space in your home, which is annoying when you use it so many times a day.

Your pantry should add joy to your life. Not make you want to keep it hidden from view.

In my home, there’s a great little walk-in pantry. That small room was top of my wish list when we had the garage converted into a utility room.

In my mind’s eye, this lovely storage area would be brimming with ingredients for delicious meals. I would blissfully walk into my beautifully organised pantry and browse the goodies it stored.

Oh it was going to be a thing of beauty, culinary inspiration and joy!

How wrong can you be

Fast forward 2 years.

The floor of my pantry is covered with shoes.

The shelves are groaning under the weight of tins and packets that I’ve forgotten we have. Plus there are the things my husband can’t find anywhere else to store. Or should I say, the things he’s used but can’t be bothered to return to the garden shed?

Now they add to the clutter in the pantry.

The mess drives me crazy.

It’s easy to see how it gets into such a mess.

organised pantry, food storage solutions

Picture the scene

You shop.

You put the things you bought in the cupboard in front of the things you bought last time you shopped.

A couple of weeks later, you shop.

You put things in the cupboard on top of and in front of other things. Now some things in there are going to be out of date because you didn’t rotate the packets and cans. (Possibly because you can’t get past the shoes and clutter to put things onto the shelves properly).

You’ve already lost track of what’s in there.

You get out your recipe for chilli, glance in the pantry cupboard. Nope. No kidney beans. (There are 5 cans of kidney beans!)

You go to the shop.


That’s an expensive habit

It costs money when you don’t keep track of the things you’ve bought.

And it’s annoying when you can’t easily find the ingredients you know are in there somewhere.

Not to mention how wasteful it is when store cupboard foods go out of date without ever being used.

To cut down on frustration, waste and expense it’s time to get organised and get some smart storage.

Even though you will probably need to invest in some smart storage solutions it will still save you money.

To get you started

Check out this free download for great tips on how to tackle your pantry declutter and then come back here for great ideas for smart storage in your beautifully decluttered pantry.

Read on for the basics of an organised pantry

Maximise Shelf Space

smart pantry storage, pantry shelves, custom shelving

Source: The Craft Patch

Even if you don’t have a space as big as this one, your pantry needs shelves. Getting organised is impossible without having a clear view of what’s in there. You need shelves.

Custom built shelves are the solution as no two pantry cupboards, rooms, closet-sized spaces are the same. For that reason buying a shelving kit may not work.

On the other hand, something like this just might.

pantry storage, ikea storage hacks

Source: theshabbycreekcottage

IKEA Lockers make a brilliant pantry

You’re kitchen is tiny and a pantry is a pipe dream. You will have space to fit these IKEA lockers and they’re just ready for you to put in place and fill with your store cupboard staples.

Organisation of the locker pantry is still important though.

pantry storage, small space storage, lazy susan storage

Source: Sort of Space

Using a lazy susan like those shown above, gives you more space in a compact cupboard. You just turn it and find the things that would otherwise be at the back and out of sight. Just search for lazy susan storage on Amazon and you’ll find lots of ideas for single level or double level versions.

Don’t forget the door

pantry door storage, how to create pantry storage

Source: a place foreverything

Pantry with a door but limited storage possibilities? Use the back of the door. Genius.

I’ve found many versions of these but a lot have a major problem. The depth of the shelves can be too shallow to keep things in place. The door is being opened and closed a lot. The door storage you choose must keep things safely in place or you won’t use it.

That would be a total waste of money. Don’t go cheap on one of these if the payback is storage that isn’t fit for purpose.

Having said that, I’m going to say the total opposite!

If you can’t afford a unit with deep shelves, you can afford to add deeper plastic storage containers that fit inside the wire shelves. That’s smart storage in action.

shallow door storage, organised pantry

Source: Four generations one roof

Label, label, label

cheap labels,

Source: A beautiful mess

To maximise storage and keep store cupboard items for longer, you’ll pour food into storage containers and throw away the packet. Now you have a row of foods in lovely storage containers and some of them look alike.

What is that? And how long has it been there?

That’s why organsided people are so into labels. But labels don’t have to be expensive. Just DIY it.

By now you get the picture

Organising your pantry is a great thing to do. It helps your pocket, your diet and in the long run, your health.

By downloading my free guide to the principles of decluttering and applying the basics, you’ll conquer this pantry organisation stuff in a heartbeat.

It’s dangerous this organisation habit. Before long you’ll be organising every room and cupboard in your home.

Check back here regularly for ideas!

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